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Momentum | Year 5 | Session 2 | Week 2

Hello! Max here, writing another blog for Momentum. Without further ado: Let’s dive into what we did this week: For Quest, we looked at multiple locations in Monterrey that we’d like Acton from Hungary to visit, and how long would we like them to stay there. Some of the places we chose included: Parque El Capitán, Macro Plaza, and Parque Fundidora. We also made a bucket list of places we wanted to go and explained for two minutes why we chose that place, and why we wanted to visit it.

For Genre, we did a lot more. In case you don’t know: this session is based around Heroes and Speeches. For the first week, we chose our Heroes whom we will be researching and learned the different ways you could convince an audience, which included Logic, Emotion, and Authority. For the second week, we started working on a speech for the Hero we chose last week by making a draft of the speech they made to convince whoever their audience was. (However, I’d much rather keep that a secret until the exhibition.) We also explored the meaning of an elephant in the room. It’s basically a problem that everybody acknowledges, but refuse to bring up.

That’s everything for this week’s blog. See you in the next one!


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