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(8 - 12 YEARS)

Discovery Studio is like a close-knit neighborhood where learners tackle important work, solve problems, collaborate with peers, and engage in increasingly challenging games.

Discovery builds the foundation of learning through personalized core skills development, exploratory quest projects, and play. Learners explore the arts, sciences, history, and the natural world through self-paced, mastery-based projects using adaptive technology.

Quests require teamwork, critical thinking, and creativity. Meanwhile, plenty of free time and competitive games bind the community together and build problem-solving and collaboration.

Student in Discovery Studio (elementary) at Acton Academy Mty


Accomplish important work and play well with others.



Guiding Belief


Exciting challenges foster curiosity and encourage a child to dig deeper.



Character Focus


  • Develop and practice awareness of self, space, and time.

  • Become accountable for their choices.

  • Learn to consider others and their ideas and needs more fully.

  • Develop conflict management and independence skills with a keen awareness of community building.

  • Goal setting, working hard, and playing hard.

  • Identify and celebrate failures quickly while maintaining a growth mindset.



Academic Focus


  • Project-based exploration of all areas including communication, entrepreneurship, civilization, design, logic, and science along personal interests that encourage a natural love of learning.

  • Structured problem solving challenges in math, reading, and written and oral communication.

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Begin your Application Process

At Acton Academy, our priority is to provide the ideal learning environment for your child. Our enrollment process is carefully designed with this in mind, as we understand that an educational fit is not just for your child, but for our current students as well. We work closely with all prospective families to ensure new students are entering a community in which they will thrive and feel connected to their peers. It is a process we take very seriously as it is one of the most important decisions for us and your family.


The audition process is open year-round to new learners who can join at the beginning of each new session (approximately every 6 weeks). We are currently accepting auditions from new families with children aged 2 to 15 years old.

Let's meet. Please fill out this form so we can get in touch with you. You will also receive our Info Kit after doing so.

Family Questionnaire


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