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Momentum / Year 5 / Session 1 / Week 1

Year 5, Week one Acton Blog:

Hello there! It’s Max (from Discovery, now in Momentum), writing this week’s blog about Momentum’s systems, apprenticeships, and more.

First, I’ll be talking about the Yearly badge plan.

-Momentum’s Badge Plan is similar to Discovery’s one. You use Journey Tracker to post your evidence, plan your week, and do your activities for Quest. However, there are some badge topics that are completely new to Momentum, which include: Physical Development, Word Study, Genre, Grammar and Apprenticeships. Speaking of Apprenticeships…… -Acton Academy promotes getting an early view of a real job for Momentum’s Heroes. On their own, they will have to send an email to a business owner, asking them if they would like to be interviewed in a phone call. The hero will have to make a phone pitch, explaining Acton’s Apprenticeship system, including a promise to have value (via showing up early, working late etc), and propose to meet the owner in person. Once the hero finishes their pitch for meeting in person, they will ask for a chance to prove themselves to the owner, negotiating a contract with them and your parents to make sure that goals and promises are clear. They will then plan to add value in the first few days, and learn from the workplace. After that, the hero will follow up with thank you letters and a request for a reference letter. Now, moving onto the Servant Leader badges: -Servant Leader badges will basically be the Learning to Be for Momentum. You learn to grow a certain skill that will be used in the future, and self development. In one badge for example, you could learn about approaching life with a different perspective, or you could learn about being a leader in a group. Compared to Discovery however, each Servant Leader badge is split up into multiple badges. Instead of just doing four different badges, you do 16 badges that are split into four topics. That’s all I have for now, see you next time!


Acton Academy

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