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High Hopes

This was an exciting week at Acton Academy MTY. I had my first experience, as a guide, to witness an end-of-the-session Exhibition, on this occasion, about Building a Tribe, as its Quest.

It was a great satisfaction to see how each Discovery Hero took care of showing his/her parents everything they had done during these past five weeks, from Lip Dub planning, to Rules of Engagement, Studio Contracts, etc., plus a thorough Journey Tracker checkup, and an interesting display of plant research.

However, beautiful as this was, the ceremonies following the tour were even more deeply moving and encouraging. The Heroes received the Badges they had earned and they also received a pin in the shape of a thunder, representing the power within them to comply with whatever they set as their goals. The Discovery Heroes were truly touched and engaged themselves to continue their Hero's Journey, believing in themselves and with much higher expectations.

Cherry on top, every member of the Discovery community: parents, Heroes, and we, guides, signed a contract in which we commit ourselves to do our best everyday, and in every challenge we face.

A pleasure to be an Acton member!

- Sara Jaime


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