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Discovery. Year 3 | Session 3 | Week 1

Our first week of the new session started off with lots of energy and excitement!

Acton Discovery started off with quite an energy! The Heroes have great plans to accomplish more than their last session, and have individually and carefully scheduled their Core Skills time: the goal is to get a Badge.

In Civilization, a performance took place on how, in Mesopotamia, a king was eliminated and a dictator began to rule. The Heroes held a discussion about the fairness or unfairness of the situation, and also discussed the difference among terms like: monarch, king, emperor, president, dictator, etc. It was interesting to hear their input about how governments should be.

Cortes’s Hero’s Journey was presented, and with it, the Session 3 Quest “The Conquest of Mexico and The Fall of the Aztec Empire”, was introduced. A menu of twenty activities is being offered in two parts, so that the learners choose what interests them and work on the challenges. There is a variety of deliverables, all of which require research, most of them are hands-on, and others offer freedom to create. A special time in our schedule has been assigned to share their products with the tribe, so everybody learns about everything, and not only about what they chose. The Discovery Heroes were provided in their Journey Tracker Bulletin Board, a set of links with the information they will need for each activity.

A well-planned PE period directed by Franco, one of our Heroes, took place again this week. Physical condition and some sun are always beneficial!

In the Art Quest, the learners designed their next pottery piece which consists of a Pre-hispanic like burnished piece, decorated with manganese, copper, and iron oxides. The Heroes researched decorations and styles in order to build up a good piece for a contest.

Discovery received a few parents during their Morning Launch this Friday. Service Learning was the topic, in which the four types of services were discussed: direct, indirect, advocacy, and research. The Heroes watched the video Learning to Give. They found it interesting and encouraging and Heroes look forward to finding opportunities to help others.

During a casual talk, Max offered to bring his guitar to Acton, after having a moment of listening to Max playing, Cons came up with the idea of having a similar moment every week with the Heroes who'd like to volunteer to share an artistic talent. We expect a bunch of performances in the studio!

Have a great long weekend, Discovery!


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