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Discovery. Year 3 | Session 2 | Week 6

A week full of preparations for the Day of the Dead altar at the park and Exhibition of Learning Day!

This week at Discovery, all the Heroes kept busy organizing and setting their Day of the Dead Altar. Majo volunteered to take the lead creating a checklist with all the elements needed to properly arrange the traditional seven-step altar after choosing a Mexican ecologist, who happened to be Dr. Mario Molina, a scientist who won a Nobel Prize due to the development of a method to prevent a bigger hole in the Ozone Layer. Hands on, Discovery managed to put up the altar at Rufino Tamayo Park, which will be exhibited for the next twenty days.

It was not an easy task to research and assemble the pieces together, but with everyone’s collaboration, they pulled it off! the way, spending time at the park after setting up the altar was quite fun!!

The culmination of Session 2 took place by preparing everything for this session's Exhibition of Learning Day and receive parents, to show them around, and present finished projects.

One of the challenges the learners had was to write a letter to an architect of their choice, expressing their admiration for their buildings. Discovery’s Heroes stood behind a podium and read aloud before an audience.

The Architecture Quest was also polished and presented. Blueprints, Elevation Sketches, and 3D Models were elaborated with scales, cutters, and rulers; they were all, previously, given the opinion of a member of the tribe. The “Spatial Intelligence” was used by the learners to assign proportions and distributions in their created buildings.

Reflexion and analysis was also an important part of the week. Discovery had many decisions to make, as well as amendments and changes for those two big events to be successful.

Now Discovery will rest for a week, and will come back for a fresh start with new challenges and adventures.


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