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Discovery. Year 3 | Session 2 | Week 4

This week at Acton Discovery, our Heroes shared interesting moments learning how to build a 3D Model. They had to reach accuracy and vision in order to put walls together, planning the cuts without wasting foam board or cardboard. The topic: “what is there after the walls surrounding you?” came up; it was not easy for them to figure out spaces in the building being thought of from above. Our Discovery architects are accomplishing important things by developing this project.

Pottery, directly related to the Architecture Quest, required understanding how to measure and put together the base and walls of a box made of clay, with approx. 1 cm thickness. Most of our Heroes figured out the assembling and the importance of measuring.

Writing in hieroglyphs and understanding the meaning of mummification to the Ancient Egyptians turned out to be a topic known by most of our Heroes; great to see how cultural they are!

Baseball is still their favorite pastime, still the “Sharing Common Ground” game was fun. Our Heroes shared and used their imagination to keep everybody moving around.

DEAR successfully continues. Almost all of our Heroes are really enjoying the 20 minutes of peace and quiet in the company of a good book.

Lunch in the shade and a friendly talk while charging batteries is also something Discovery experienced this week.

Our circles were brief and productive. Agreements like including new things in maintenance and implementing new games during recess, were topics of their interest. Watching “For the Birds” video (watch below) during a launch made them think what a good tribe they are.

Well done, Discovery!

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