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Discovery. Year 3 / Session 2 / Week 3

Beautiful week at Discovery Studio! Discovery Heroes experienced the joy of sports. “Silly” Baseball was played for the first time during a Morning Launch. They reflected on all the virtues they practice as they share a match, such as tolerance, empathy, patience, forgiveness, etc. They kept on playing throughout the week, enjoying each other’s company and getting some physical condition.

As if it weren’t enough, our P.E. period, twice this week, was led by Franco, who carefully planned and carried out very interesting activities, as well as a “Touchito” match. Thank you, Franco!

We also had a birthday, which was happily celebrated in the best of moods. Congratulations Majo!

Our Art room was a bit too full of stuff as it received new furniture, but the Heroes took care of leaving the place functional, comfortable, and even cozy. Thank you, Heroes, we couldn’t have done this without you.

DEAR ( Drop Everything And Read), is now on daily basis. Discovery’s library has plenty to offer, and we hope everyone finds something interesting, however, a good book can be brought from home.

“Idleness is to the human mind, as rust is to iron” Ezra Cornell

Due to sports, the Discoveries were able to have a very enjoyable week. Well done, Discovery!!


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