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Momentum | Year 5 | Session 2 | Week 1

Hello there! I am Paulo Sanchez! A new writer of Momentum blogs. My age is 12 (about to be 13) and I'm also Max's brother (the other writer), so let’s move on to this week’s recap.

So for this week’s recap, we were introduced to this session’s new topics, such as: -Genre -Quest -Civilization

Starting with Quest: This week, we talked about planning a trip for another Acton coming to Monterrey. The location of said Acton is Hungary, and they will be coming to Mexico to see the full Solar Eclipse happening next year, we will have to organize the trip in general (which includes setting a budget figuring out where they will stay, etc.), whilst also trying to plan the trip ourselves.

Since the Solar Eclipse will not be visible around Monterrey, we are looking at the location that will have it, and also find out where they can stay.

For this Friday at noon, we had the challenge to interview an acton parent as I interviewed Miguel Tamez (aka Regina’s father). We were asked to question them regarding their vacations and experiences in the Acton office, I first contacted him through email asking him if I could interview him (Ira was kind enough to pass his email to me), and he replied that yes he could at 8 AM so we did and the story he told is the time when he was with Regina in a beach in southern Mexico (near Merida) when she was around 5 he said, he said that he enjoyed and learned the fact that he was spending a good experience with her without her mom, so he told me that as her father he knows she needs to also spend to time with one parent without the other.

Up next is Genre:

We explored audiences, speeches, and important heroes who had a calling action for public speech. We also researched all about where, when, and what their audience was like. Even if it means saving the world or whatever.. it could be someone we know from our personal lives, for example, my father. He could be a hero for me because he did something, or if he actually did something important, or had a calling like someone who’s famous for doing so, like Moses.

And last but not least, we have Civilization. We will be talking about this next week.

-Oh! And I’m also going to spend more of my time in Momentum instead of Discovery because I’m closer to Momentum. So, will see you next week!


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