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Momentum / Year 5 / Session 1 / Week 2

Hello! This is Max, writing yet another blog for Momentum.

In this blog, I’ll be mostly talking about Art.

The topic for Art this session is about abstract drawings with open-ended significance.

This Tuesday, we had our own art teacher go to Momentum, who showed us some crayons made completely out of graphite (which is the inside bit for pencils), and showed us how you can make drawings by drawing lines and patterns, despite it looking like something a 5-year old would make.

He also showed us an artist (named Cy Twombly), that makes those kind drawings and are worth millions of dollars.

On Thursday, we had an exercise where we would look at

an object and try to draw it without looking at the paper.

I ended up choosing a book to draw, and it went somewhat well?

After that, I drew it multiple other times and got better results every try.

And before I forget, Momentum now has a hero from Discovery that goes to art every Tuesday and Thursday! Since my younger brother (Paulo) is close to finishing Discovery, he gets to go to Momentum every time we have art.

That’s all I’ve got for this week, see you in the next blog!

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