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Momentum / Year 1 / Session 1 / Week 5

Hello there, Max here with another blog! This week marks the first exhibition for Momentum at AAMTY, and it went pretty well!

The topics I went over included:

-Momentum’s Systems + Schedule: As a quick summary, I explained what Momentum does whenever a Studio has a problem, and needs a system to fix it.

Discovery for example had an issue with Studio Maintenance, and I had to make a system revolving around taking items from their Studio if they didn’t clean correctly (Plants, Carpets, Puffs), and then show it to a Guide for feedback or improvements.

After adapting the system to a poster design (with canva), I would have to propose the idea to Discovery’s Guide.

Once it was approved, it was presented to the Discoveries in a circle, and then the system was explained to them.

-Art Projects and Philosophy: This Session’s Art was very interesting. If you’ve seen the blogs beforehand, then you’d know what I’ve done and what I’ve talked about.

Abstract Drawings, Lines, Drawing items without looking at the paper, etc.

I don’t really have much to say this time around, since I’ve said everything in a previous Blog.

-Hero Board: The Hero Board is what I worked on for Quest. It’s not very interesting to look at, but it’s a result of all of my reflections in my Journal.

I won’t go into much detail about what exactly I wrote in the journal, because that bit is personal, but I can say what I wrote about.

The reflections were about myself as a person, who I want to be, who inspires me, and what challenges I have in life, which is a lot compared to the actual board.

-Momentum’s Studio Contract:

If you know Discovery’s contract, then Momentum isn’t so different.

The rules include: -Be willing to learn and grow all the time

-Be respectful of each other’s opinions

-Retain a healthy attitude for the Studio

-Use all items within its intended use

-Follow the rules of engagement

-Always try to grow and learn from mistakes

-Have an open mindset for suggestions and feedback

-Maintain the Studio Sacred

-Always work towards your goals

After I signed the contract, the exhibition came to a close.

And that’s about everything that happened at this exhibition.

See you in the next blog!


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