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Momentum/ Year 1 / Session 1 / Week 3

Hey! Max here (from momentum), with another blog for this Week at Momentum:

First things first, art. This week, our Art teacher Roberto talked about how abstract art is about its meaning. Just in case you don’t know, the drawings that we’ve made thus far don’t really have a specific item/animal that we are trying to draw, it’s just a bunch of lines.

And now, with civilization:

This week, I had my first activity in civilization. The first activity was based on the Big Bang, and how its theories can vary a lot. One could say that it was the beginning of time, whilst another could say it was not the beginning (and to be honest, nobody really knows). We do not have evidence or a claim that is proven to be correct.

Speaking of claims, that was the other activity this week.

I watched a video explaining the multiple ways you could trust a claim somebody makes.

For example, I could trust a claim if it was either:

-Seeming to be trustworthy

-Be from a reliable source

-Have evidence that it’s trustworthy via tests

-Made sense Logic wise

And then I had to sort them in order of which one was the best to judge a claim. The best to worst (in my opinion) is: Evidence, Logic, Reliability, Trustworthiness

Anyways, that’s all I’ve got for this blog. See ya!


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