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Discovery: Year 3, Session 2, Week 1

Discovery this week accomplished the launching and first challenges on different Quests, such as:

Art/ Pottery where Heroes modeled a bowl with the repulgue technique, using a mixture of Zacatecas and Puebla clay: they enjoyed themselves playing and shaping, and will later sand and get their piece burnt, such lasting many, many years.

The Civilization Quest took off with the topic Ancient Times -The Earliest People.

Reading aloud in order to answer some questions was the challenge through which nomad life was clearly explained.

CNN 10 Student News, was introduced for launching, and very well accepted by our Heroes, by the way. World news is presented in a simple but professional way for 10 minutes. The link is available for them to watch from Mondays to Fridays throughout the school year.

Geography has been added to the curriculum. Continents and Oceans were introduced, to be followed by the Countries and Capital Cities of Europe in a couple of weeks. Kahoot matches were sensational for this matter, our Heroes loved it!

Teams were formed to work on their Architecture Quest. Heroes are designing a building of their own after doing some research on “other” architects' work. At the end of the Session, they will deliver a blueprint and a 3D Model of their creation.

Outdoors work took place for long periods of time, thanks to the availability we now have at our facilities.

Socially, Discovery overcame the challenge of assisting and welcoming a hero on her trial days. Maya has been experiencing Acton and we love having her.

Discovery faced new challenges this session which will, hopefully, lead them to wider horizons.


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