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  • Mirtha de la Garza

AAMTY Hero Stories: The Master of Ceremonies

There was this ten year old boy that came into our Discovery Studio. He was the oldest hero in the studio, a bit shy and reserved, and relied on his eight year old brother to socialize.

One day, while they were organizing their Exhibition of Learning, he realized he wanted to be the Master of Ceremonies. He talked with his classmates and postulated himself for the role. Everyone agreed and happily began designing the whole experience, coordinating and rehearsing so the exhibition would be a success with their parents.

He rehearsed a lot and prepared to lead the ceremony. He was so proud of all his hard work. The day before the exhibition, while they all got ready to run a final rehearsal, you could feel the excitement all around. Suddenly, everything began to go wrong: everyone got distracted and started playing, not taking it too seriously… which started to frustrate him- a lot. The more they goofed around, the more exasperated he got. How could he be the Master of Ceremonies if the others were not cooperating?

Since no one was taking this seriously, he decided to go ahead and continue without them, which only made matters worse. They were all annoyed because he wouldn’t wait for them. The tension in the room was high. Then, their guide asked them how would they manage all the additional people in the room during the real thing? Being the perfectionist that he was, realizing there could be potential chaos- it was then that he shattered.

“I don’t want to be MC anymore” he said with tears in his eyes.

“That’s ok” responded the guide. “You don’t have to be if you don’t want to. Just think about it.” And with that, he went home for the day.

Next day was Exhibition of Learning Day and everything was ready. Heroes and their families started arriving, and the studio was wondering how to begin. Then this boy came through the door, and as sure as ever, confirmed he would in fact be the Master of Ceremonies. Everyone applauded his confidence and in return followed his lead every step of the way. Because of his leadership, they all hosted a memorable presentation for their families.

Later, he shared that the night before he reflected on what was happening and realized it was more important to continue his role, even though things might not go the way he expected. Witnessing this seemingly shy boy’s struggle and renewed confidence just fills the heart.

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