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Seth Godin on Acton Academy

Excerpt from Seth's blog:

As our hemisphere goes back to school this week, I hope you'll spend a few minutes thinking about who school is for, what it's for, how it works and how it doesn't. We're wasting a huge amount of time and money, bankrupting our children, hindering progress and stultifying growth, all at the same time. Even worse, we're not even seeing all the things we're not learning, not engaging with, not creating, because we're so busy learning like it's 1904.

Consider the radical shifts being pursued by Acton [...] It's an entirely different experience, one that can transform people faster and with more impact. The exchanges, the experience and the outputs are all dramatically different.

When you're in it, it might not feel like a revolution. But it is. One by choice. One that's urgent. One that's happening right now.

READ Seth Godin's original post here.

Acton Academy Monterrey is a school where education is reimagined for the 21st century. Now enrolling for 2O20/2O21 ages 4 to 10. Start your Online Audition here.

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