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Discovery. Year 3 | Session 2 | Week 2

This last week of September was a very productive one. Our Acton Heroes were all hands-on, fixing, creating, and modeling.

For their Studio Bucks, they received a cute little chestlike box which they personalized by painting it, pasting yarn on it, or drawing on it. Now, our Heroes are eager to keep their bucks safe and sound by accomplishing what they are expected to, day by day.

Elsy, our yoga guide, had her birthday the day she saw Discovery. She received good wishes and a warm welcome to Acton.

Pottery was again a highlight of the week. This time, clay coils were used to model different challenging shapes.

A closet door almost fell off! The damage was mended by our Discovery heroes, including the apology email to the actual owner of that closet.

A game was played, The News were shown, Journey Trackers were checked...we had a busy week at Acton Discovery.


Acton Academy

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