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Discovery. Year 3 | Session 2 | Week 5

“There are four very important words in life: love, honesty, truth, and respect. Without these in your life, you have nothing.” - Unknown

Our Discovery heroes worked hard this week during the Architectural Quest session. They continued detailing the 3D models each team is making, reframing them with their elevation sketch and their blueprints….just imagine!, they had to check and see if their blueprint matched their 3D model, and if their 3D model matched their elevation difficult!!! They are still hands-on over that.

A new entertaining game was introduced in Discovery; the traditional Jacks. Building on their teamwork and emotional regulation skills through play, they were really challenged by catching the little ball while grabbing the jacks. Not easy, but very helpful to their motricity and coordination, not to mention fun!

This year, we are participating again on the Day of the Dead Altar celebration organized by Parque Rufino Tamayo. This year, the altars are dedicated to ecologists and Discoveries researched about latin americans who have worked on that field and decided to pay tribute to Mario Molina, winner of the Chemistry Nobel Prize. The organization for the altar was another big job for the group and a new Hero rose to the challenge to lead the project. They are still taking care of each detail; little things keep coming up. We know you’ll pull it off, Discovery!

This week Heroes started on a new Acton system: The 360º Survey. Just like the best companies and start-ups rely on this system to collect feedback both positive and constructive, each Hero gave and accepted comments to and from each other. Without a doubt, this was the most important part of Discovery week. Learners took on the big task of giving their tribe members both warm-hearted, and tough-minded feedback. To wrap it up, they gave each other Two Stars and a Wish; they will probably explain this title to you. Heroes showed themselves being honest, caring, and kind with their peers, all attributes that contribute to creating effective and successful teams.


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