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(8 — 12 years old)

Develop a deep love of learning and kindness in relationships with others

Discovery builds a foundation of learning and discovery through personalized Core Skills, exploratory Quest projects and play. Core Skills – reading, writing, math and computer science – are self-paced and mastery-based using adaptive technology. Learners explore the arts, sciences, history and natural world through hands-on projects each afternoon.

Simulations require teamwork, critical thinking and creativity. Meanwhile, plenty of free time and competitive games bind the community together and build problemsolving and collaboration skills. Basic reading skills are a requirement for joining this studio.

GUIDING BELIEF: Exciting challenges foster curiosity and encourage a child to dig deeper.

CHARACTER FOCUS: (Learning To Be) Develop and practice awareness of self, space, and time, and being accountable for their choices. Learn to consider others and their ideas and needs more fully. Develop conflict management, and independence skills with a keen awareness of building community. Goal setting, working hard and playing hard, and identifying and celebrating failures quickly while maintaining a growth mindset.

ACADEMIC FOCUS: (Learning To Learn & Do) Project-based exploration of all areas:  Communication, Entrepreneurship, Civilization: history & art, Design and Logic, Science: biology, physics, and chemistry, and Personal Interests, that encourage a natural love of learning. Structured problem-solving challenges in math, reading & written and oral communication.

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