Curious Mind Quiz

It’s been said that curiosity is the key character trait for fostering deep learning, rich relationships and joyful living. As parents, we have the opportunity to inspire curiosity in our children. By doing so, we open their minds to endless possibilities and empower them to seek answers for themselves, solve problems and create boundless opportunities for their futures.

Are you cultivating a spirit of curiosity in your home?

Take this quiz to learn more!

At dinner time my family is on their phones with minimal open discussion
My child continuously asks questions to better understand situations
I am very involved in my child’s learning and create projects at home for my child
My child and I read aloud at home together
Our family has a strict schedule that dictates the majority of time in our day
Our family sets rules about the amount of media consumption allowed at home
When my child asks me questions, I'd rather have an answer than let them figure it out themselves
Failure is an important part of learning

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