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Middle School

(13 — 15 years old)

Work truly hard, develop practical skills and adventure into the world

Young people in Momentum begin to embark into the real world, with the thrilling opportunities and responsibility that come with it, including apprenticeships each year with heroes in the community. As young people grow into adolescence, their impact multiplies.

Now, projects have real clients, skills are developed with rigor, and discussions embrace a new maturity. Momentum offers a higher level of freedom, as well as a safe place to test your limits, failing early, cheaply and often.

GUIDING BELIEF: As learners begin to transition their love of learning into a more serious study, it is best fostered through getting to know oneself and your connection to the world. Heroes thrive with a high degree of choice, expectations of excellence, physical movement, and hard work.

CHARACTER FOCUS: (Learning To Be) Momentum is an active learning environment where heroes thrive in love of learning and take on greater responsibility for self and community contribution (Servant Leadership). They learn to foster healthy peer connections through team building, collaboration, meaningful discussion, and actively practice holding one another accountable.

ACADEMIC FOCUS: (Learning To Learn & Do) Increased responsibility for higher levels of rigor and time management in writing and problem solving (math). Increased focus on assimilating knowledge from powerful books, history, and science through discussion & self reflection. Increased focus level (for longer periods of time) is gained by alternating with intermittent breaks for movement and collaboration.

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